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Quick Start - Join Mainnet

Bootstrap a cosmoshub-4 mainnet node


Note: Make sure the Gaia CLI is installed.

Sync Options

To quickly get started, node operators can choose to sync via State Sync or by downloading a snapshot from Quicksync. State Sync works by replaying larger chunks of application state directly rather than replaying individual blocks or consensus rounds. Quicksync is a service provided courtesy of ChainLayer, and offers historical state of the chain available for download every 24 hours. For more advanced information on setting up a node, see the Sync Options section of the full Joining Mainnet Tutorial

State Sync

To enable state sync, visit an explorer to get a recent block height and corresponding hash. A node operator can choose any height/hash in the current bonding period, but as the recommended snapshot period is 1000 blocks, it is advised to choose something close to current height - 1000. Set these parameters in the code snippet below <BLOCK_HEIGHT> and <BLOCK_HASH>

For reference, the list of rpc_servers and persistent peers can be found in the cosmos hub chain-registry repo.

# Build gaiad binary and initialize chain
cd $HOME
git clone -b v15.0.0 --depth=1
cd gaiad
make install
gaiad init CUSTOM_MONIKER --chain-id cosmoshub-4

#Set minimum gas price & peers
sed -i'' 's/minimum-gas-prices = ""/minimum-gas-prices = "0.0025uatom"/' $HOME/.gaia/config/app.toml
sed -i'' 's/persistent_peers = ""/persistent_peers = '"\"$(curl -s | jq -r '[foreach .peers.seeds[] as $item (""; "\($\($item.address)")] | join(",")')\""'/' $HOME/.gaia/config/config.toml

# Configure State sync
sed -i'' 's/enable = false/enable = true/' $HOME/.gaia/config/config.toml
sed -i'' 's/trust_height = 0/trust_height = <BLOCK_HEIGHT>/' $HOME/.gaia/config/config.toml
sed -i'' 's/trust_hash = ""/trust_hash = "<BLOCK_HASH>"/' $HOME/.gaia/config/config.toml
sed -i'' 's/rpc_servers = ""/rpc_servers = "https:\/\/,https:\/\/,https:\/\/"/' $HOME/.gaia/config/config.toml

#Start Gaia
gaiad start --x-crisis-skip-assert-invariants

Quick Sync

Note: Make sure to set the --home flag when initializing and starting gaiad if mounting quicksync data externally.

Create Gaia Home & Config
mkdir $HOME/.gaia/config -p
Start Quicksync Download

Node Operators can decide how much of historical state they want to preserve by choosing between Pruned, Default, and Archive. See the downloads for up-to-date snapshot sizes.

sudo apt-get install wget liblz4-tool aria2 jq -y

export URL=`curl -L|jq -r '.[] |select(.file=="cosmoshub-4-default")|.url'`

echo $URL

cd $HOME/.gaia

aria2c -x5 $URL
sudo apt-get install wget liblz4-tool aria2 jq -y

export URL=`curl -L|jq -r '.[] |select(.file=="cosmoshub-4-pruned")|.url'`

echo $URL

cd $HOME/.gaia

aria2c -x5 $URL
sudo apt-get install wget liblz4-tool aria2 jq -y

export URL=`curl -L|jq -r '.[] |select(.file=="cosmoshub-4-archive")|.url'`

echo $URL

cd $HOME/.gaia

aria2c -x5 $URL

The download logs should look like the following

01/11 07:48:17 [NOTICE] Downloading 1 item(s)
[#7cca5a 484MiB/271GiB(0%) CN:5 DL:108MiB ETA:42m41s]

Completed Download Process:

[#7cca5a 271GiB/271GiB(99%) CN:1 DL:77MiB]
01/11 08:32:19 [NOTICE] Download complete: /mnt/quicksync_01/cosmoshub-4-pruned.20220111.0310.tar.lz4

Download Results:
gid |stat|avg speed |path/URI
7cca5a|OK | 105MiB/s|/mnt/quicksync_01/cosmoshub-4-pruned.20220111.0310.tar.lz4

Status Legend:
(OK):download completed.
lz4 -c -d `basename $URL` | tar xf -
Copy Address Book Quicksync
curl > $HOME/.gaia/config/addrbook.json
Start Gaia
gaiad start --x-crisis-skip-assert-invariants