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Interchain Security

The Interchain Security feature, brings to the Cosmos Hub a shared security model, where the Cosmos Hub validators, also validate on consumer chains. This is valuable for consumer chains, as consumer chains can focus on product-market fit, rather than business and operational agreements in bringing together a validator set. As part of this agreement, consumer chains pay for the security by distributing a portion of the consumer chain revenue to Hub token holders.

All potential chains are onboarded as consumer chains, via Hub Governance, with the feedback from the Hub community.

Currently the Cosmos Hub has the following two Consumer Chains.


Neutron, is a smart contracting platform, that was the first consumer chain onboarded.
Neutron was onboarded as a consumer chain in May 2023, see Hub proposal 792 for more details.


Stride, is a liquid staking provider, which aims to unlock liquidity for Cosmos Hub token holders.
Stride was onboarded as a consumer chain in July 2023, see Hub proposal 799 for more details.