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This document outlines API breaking changes that were introduced in gaia v15.1.0.

This release is based on cosmos-sdk v0.47.x and ibc-go v7.x.

You can find the comprehensive API docs at:

Module reference manuals (with CLI instructions) can be found at:

Comprehensive list of changes:

Supported modules:

cosmos-sdk v0.47.10-ics-lsm

  • x/auth
  • x/authz
  • x/bank
  • x/capability
  • x/consensus
  • x/crisis
  • x/distribution
  • x/evidence
  • x/feegrant
  • x/gov
  • x/mint
  • x/params
  • x/slashing
  • x/staking (with LSM changes)
  • x/upgrade

ibc-go v7.x

  • transfer
  • ica (host)

interchain-security/provider v3.3.x

packetforward v7.x


  • x/globalfee v15.x
  • x/metaprotocols v15.x

Important changes

Changes are outlined compared to gaiad <= v14.x

Behaviour changes

Starting v15.1.0 all users must have at least 1 ATOM staked in order to cast a vote on a governance proposal.

Votes from accounts whose staked amounts are < 1 ATOM will be rejected.

REST/RPC Changes


The DenomOwners query is not supported on the Cosmos Hub chain.

  • querying <RPC_ADDR>.cosmos/bank/v1beta1/denom_owners/{denom} always returns an empty result.

Querying latest block

curl <RPC>/blocks/latest no longer works and returns {"code":12,"message":"Not Implemented","details":[]}

The endpoint was moved to: <RPC>/cosmos/base/tendermint/v1beta1/blocks/latest

CLI Changes

Genesis commands

gaiad no longer uses a custom genesis commands and instead relies on the commands defined in the x/genutil module.

These queries no longer work:

gaiad gentx
gaiad collect-gentx
gaiad validate-genesis
gaiad add-genesis-account

Use the genesis subcommands instead:

gaiad genesis gentx
gaiad genesis collect-gentx
gaiad genesis validate-genesis
gaiad genesis add-genesis-account
gaiad genesis migrate

Governance commands

Governance commands are aligned with cosmos-sdk v0.47.x x/gov module.


Some proposal types can be submitted using the gaiad tx gov submit-legacy-proposal command:

gaiad tx gov submit-legacy-proposal

Available Commands:
cancel-software-upgrade Cancel the current software upgrade proposal
change-reward-denoms Submit a change reward denoms proposal
consumer-addition Submit a consumer addition proposal
consumer-removal Submit a consumer chain removal proposal
ibc-upgrade Submit an IBC upgrade proposal
param-change Submit a parameter change proposal
software-upgrade Submit a software upgrade proposal
update-client Submit an update IBC client proposal

Most cosmos-sdk modules no longer allow their parameters to be upgraded using a param-change proposal. Use the corresponding MsgUpgradeParams message instead and create a JSON file proposal using draft-proposal (listed below).

List of proposals available for submission via submit-legacy-proposal will be further decreased in subsequent releases.

More information is available in cosmos-sdk x/gov docs.


gaiad tx gov draft-proposal command is available. You can use this command to create a draft proposal in JSON format.

  • more information is available in the cosmos-sdk x/gov docs


gaiad tx gov submit-proposal command is available. Use draft-proposal (listed above) to create a proposal JSON and submit it as a transaction.

More information is available in cosmos-sdk x/gov docs